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Auto Tires

Auto tires can be thought of as shoes for an automobile. Just like shoes can have an impact on the individual wearing the pair, tires, too, can have an impact on the vehicle that possesses them. That impact can be positive or negative depending on if the auto tires are the correct fit for the vehicle, or the tires are in good condition. It's important to know about the different types of car tires so that you can make your car look the best it can.

Automobiles come in different models and sizes. Purchases for new tires can be based on a variety of factors including the type of vehicle that is being used such passenger, commercial, truck, or sport utility vehicles. Other factors in the purchase of auto tires are the seasonal climate as well as the types of roads that the vehicle will frequently travel on. 

The types of car tires that are created for warmer and wet conditions are summer tires and performance tires. Summer tires and performance tires share the ability to operate in wet or dry conditions. However, what sets these two types of car tires apart is the fact that performance tires can be used as all season tires since they have better treading. Summer tire treading is mainly designed for wet conditions but not for performing on conditions such as snow. 

For the snowy and cold season or just all year-round capabilities, there are auto tires such as winter, all season, and touring tires. Not everyone around the globe must deal with wintery conditions but for the individuals who experience this kind of climate, it is important to have the right type of car tires to keep the passengers and the vehicle safe. All season and touring tires are created with traction that is designed to withstand wet roads but can also last all year round.

While tires like all season and touring can be used during the snowy and colder seasons, winter tires are superior during these times, because they are specifically designed for this kind of climate. 

While the seasonal climate where an automobile will frequent plays a huge role in the type of car tires required, so does the land that the automobile will often travel. Some vehicles will be used to travel on the highway more than others. For this scenario, auto tires such as highway tires would be a better use for that vehicle.

Highway tires are created with the ability for the treading to withstand the wear and tear of constant high-speed travel. These tires are also designed as all season tires meaning that they perform well no matter rain, sleet, or snow. 

However, all roads are far from created equal and neither are the purposes of automobiles and some may require treading based on a more rugged trip. For example, auto tires like all terrain, mud terrain, and trail are designed for automobiles that must take a less smooth path of travel. While all these tires are designed for off-road travel, mud terrain tires are ideal for preventing vehicles from getting stuck in unfavorable deep muddy road conditions.