Canvas Printing

Do you have photographs you want to preserve and enjoy as artwork? Learn how canvas printing can allow you to do that.

Painting on canvas was first popularized in the 1500s. Today, canvas is still a popular medium for artwork. However, printing on canvas is now more popular than painting on it. Canvas prints are commonly found hanging in homes and places of business. They are eye-catching decorations that serve to make spaces more interesting. They also often serve as topics of conversation for people in those spaces.

If you have photographs you want to preserve, turning them into canvas prints is one way to do so. You do not have to be a professional photographer to want to preserve your photographs as artwork. However, professional photographers often do use canvas prints to display their best works as well. If you just want to give an excellent gift or decorate your own home in a personal way, you also need to explore the benefits of canvas prints. Here are some things to know about the canvas printing process.

What is Canvas Printing?

In the earliest days of artwork on canvas, the canvas was often made using hemp. Today, canvas is made from many materials. Some of the most popular are cotton and linen. Whatever high-end material is used is stretched. Then it is securely affixed to a frame. Meanwhile, a professional canvas printing company takes high-quality digital images and adapts them for canvas printing. Specialists can make the images various sizes and edit them, as needed before printing. 

A canvas print has more substance than a poster. It is designed to last longer because it is made using high-quality materials. It is also affixed to a solid frame, unlike most posters. That gives it a more prominent appearance when hung on a wall, as well as a more solid foundation. Therefore, a canvas print is typically far sturdier and more difficult to damage than a poster.

What Canvas Sizes Are Available?

If you want a canvas print, you may wonder what your size choices are. The answer depends on several factors. One is the company you choose to perform the canvas printing. Some companies only offer canvas prints in certain sizes. Other companies offer the ability to customize your selected canvas size. 

You also need to consider where you want to put the canvas print after you receive it. For example, a large living room wall can accommodate a much larger print than a small bathroom wall. The popular printing company Shutterfly offers customized prints, but the company also notes it does have certain canvas sizes that are more popular than others for specific purposes. Examples include:

  • 24" x 10" in Areas Like Over Headboards or Fireplace Mantles

  • 20" x 16" Canvas Prints in Office Settings

  • 36" x 12" Canvas Prints Over Televisions or in Long Hallways

Another issue that may change the canvas size you can select is the aspect ratio of the initial photograph you submit to the printing company. The aspect ratio refers to the basic shape of the initial image and how its height and width relate to each other. When ordering a print, it is important to keep the height and width proportions the same. Otherwise, the final image can appear stretched or distorted.

When selecting a canvas size, you must also consider the general image quality of the initial photograph you provide to the printing company. Most printing companies now have special computer programs they use to determine ideal canvas size options based on image quality and aspect ratio. Although you can request a canvas size not suggested by your printing company, the quality of the final print may suffer if you do so. Therefore, it is always recommended you take those suggestions into account when ordering a canvas print.

What Are Some Top Canvas Printing Brands and Websites?

There are many websites and companies offering canvas prints today. Some specialize specifically in canvas printing. Others provide multiple types of photo printing services, including printing on canvas. Selecting one with a good reputation is important. You also must make sure your chosen company offers the printing options and budget range you want. As mentioned above, Shutterfly is one possible company you can choose. Shutterfly was founded in 1999. In that time, it has developed a reputation for quality photo printing service. Information about other top canvas printing brands is provided below:

  • FedEx is known as a shipping service, but the company also provides canvas printing and other services. FedEx offers canvas prints in 21 sizes. The company also allows you to combine multiple images on a single canvas to create completely unique works of art.

  • VistaPrint provides multiple marketing services for small businesses. Among those services are business card and label printing. The company also provides canvas printing services using foam or wood frames. In addition to photographs, it allows the printing of text or personal artwork on canvases as well.

  • CanvasChamp specializes in providing top-quality canvas prints to customers. Although, it does offer other services like printed pillows as well. CanvasChamp uses museum-quality materials to provide the best possible prints. The company also offers competitive pricing. An additional unique feature of CanvasChamp is the company provides an option to order metal prints, which many other comparable companies do not offer.

  • CanvasPop provides international canvas printing services. It also offers several other unique services, such as a personalized pet photograph printing service. It also offers a selection of ready-to-print designer artwork.

  • Mixbook is an online photo printing service that has rapidly grown in popularity thanks to its high-quality features. Among its many photo-related services is canvas printing. Mixbook also offers the option to frame canvas prints. However, creating a personal account is required to use any of the services on Mixbook. 

How Much Does Canvas Printing Typically Cost?

If canvas printing looks appealing to you, the final thing you may wonder is how much it costs. There is no specific answer because every company charges differently for its services. Print quality and size also matters. For example, Shutterfly's pricing for small canvas prints starts around $25, but its pricing increases with each size increase. Pricing is also subject to change based on how elaborate the print is. For example, a four-panel split print at CanvasChamp costs approximately $55. Shop around to locate not only the canvas printing service you desire, but also the best possible price for that service.