Facial Rejuvenation Services

Is your skin starting to show signs of age or prolonged exposure to the elements? Schedule facial rejuvenation services to restore skin health.

Your skin is unique in many ways. One is it is the largest body organ you have. Another is it is the only one on the outside of your body. That means it is routinely exposed to the elements and other external factors. It is also affected by processes that go on within your body and the foods or beverages you consume. The natural aging process changes the thickness, color, and general nature of your skin as well.

Most of your skin is at least partially protected from external influences by the clothes you wear. However, your face is constantly exposed to wind, sun, and other external influences. That is why your face often shows damage faster than the skin on other parts of your body. It also needs more regular maintenance if you want to keep it looking its best. Like skin itself, facial rejuvenation services come in many forms. Selecting the right procedure or combination of procedures for your skin is essential for success.

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is the process of restoring and revitalizing damaged skin. That skin damage can occur naturally due to the passage of time, regardless of how well you care for your skin. It can also result from environmental or personal lifestyle-related factors, such as too much sun exposure or poor diet. 

Many procedures exist to restore skin damage. Some of those procedures are specifically used on the face. They are known as facial rejuvenation procedures. Specific facial rejuvenation procedures are often necessary because facial skin endures more than skin on other parts of the body. Also, facial skin has different basic qualities. For example the skin around the eyes is quite thin. Therefore, it often requires special care.

What Types of Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Are Available?

When considering signing up for a facial rejuvenation procedure, you can choose from two categories. The first category is surgical procedures. Surgical procedures are frequently expensive and are somewhat invasive, but they often produce long-lasting results. Here are short overviews of popular surgical facial rejuvenation procedures:

  • Facelift (or face-lift) procedures vary between patients and facilities. However, they are all designed to allow the removal of excess skin from faces. Then the surgeons performing the procedures tighten the remaining skin. That process eliminates wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin.

  • Brow lifts are performed to surgically realign eyebrows and eliminate wrinkles in the surrounding areas. They are sometimes also called forehead lifts.

  • Eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty. It is a procedure that removes excess skin near upper or lower eyelids.

  • Facial Implants, such as chin implants, are materials inserted into faces to create structural improvements. They are filled with materials designed to mimic the consistency of human skin. One of the most popular types of implants is a silicone implant.

What Types of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Are Available?

The other major category of facial rejuvenation techniques is non-surgical techniques. Non-surgical techniques are less invasive and often cheaper per appointment than surgical options. However, some of them require multiple ongoing procedures to achieve or maintain ideal results. These are some common non-surgical facial rejuvenation options:

  • Botox is derived from a natural substance called botulinum toxin. It is toxic in large amounts. However, in small, injected amounts it is frequently and safely used to temporarily paralyze muscles under the skin. The paralysis helps to eliminate wrinkles.

  • Fillers are also injected into the skin. However, rather than paralyze muscles, they fill in areas of sunken skin. Many facial fillers also contain skin-strengthening ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid.

  • Microneedling is a process of deliberately damaging the skin with tiny needles. The damage encourages the body to initiate its own healing processes. As the microneedling damage is healed, other skin imperfections are also treated.

  • Chemical peels use specific mixtures of approved chemicals to treat the surface layer of skin, and sometimes additional layers. The type and strength of the chemical mixture used dictates how many skin layers are chemically treated.

  • Laser resurfacing is a process by which specialized laser devices are used to target specific areas of skin. The heat and light from those lasers can remove certain skin imperfections or lessen the appearance of those imperfections. Laser procedures are often used in the treatment of scars, among other skin abnormalities.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation? 

Facial rejuvenation has many benefits. Some are personal. For example, restored skin can improve self-esteem. It can also encourage more social interaction or lead to better job performance. Each of those personal benefits is a result of the aesthetic benefits facial rejuvenation can provide. Those benefits include:

  • Improved Skin Tone

  • Better Skin Texture

  • Wrinkle and Scar Reduction

  • Reduction of Age Spots and Other Pigmentation Problems

  • Treatment of Specific Medical Conditions, Such as Rosacea or Acne

How Much Does Facial Rejuvenation Typically Cost?

According to figures gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2020, $2,456 was the average cost of non-surgical skin tightening at that time in the United States. However, costs are subject to annual and geographic fluctuations. They are also influenced by factors like procedure type and expertise level of the surgeon or clinician. Also, initial costs do not always include repeat appointment costs or other extras, such as anesthesia fees. If procedure costs are a concern, look for a discount offered by local clinics, such as a 15% off sales at certain times of year. Often, such sales correspond with holidays or are scheduled by certain clinics at predictable, recurring intervals.

Is Facial Rejuvenation Right For You?

Facial rejuvenation is not the right choice for every potential patient. You must examine costs and time investment requirements before deciding if you want to pursue facial rejuvenation treatment. Even if you are in favor of the process, you still need to choose a specific procedure. Schedule a clinical or surgical consultation to start that process. Only an expert can assess your general health and your skin to verify your candidacy. He or she can also advise you regarding the procedure or combination of procedures your skin needs. An expert can also tell you what to expect during the recovery process and how long the results last after a certain procedure is performed.