Family Attorney Services

Do you need a good lawyer specializing in family law? Use this guide to find the best lawyer near you.

At some point in their lives, many people need a lawyer and a family attorney to settle a family law matter. Family law refers to legal issues covering marriage, legal separation, divorce, child custody, guardian issues, child support, and alimony. Family attorneys are trained to help families receive the best legal outcome and the financial and emotional aspects of family law matters. They take care of issues including divorce, child custody, guardianship issues, and many more. Family attorneys work as mediators and represent litigants for family conflicts that end up in court.

When to Hire a Family Attorney

There are many ways that a family attorney is beneficial to help you in life when dealing with a legal matter. The main reason to hire a family attorney is when you are dealing with family issues. 

  • Divorce

Divorce is the most common reason people hire family attorneys to help solve the issues that come with divorces, such as child custody, child support, visitation, division of property, and more. 

  • Guardianship

If either parent is unfit to help take care of a child, a family attorney can help find guardians to help make decisions and care for the child.

  • Domestic Abuse

When someone feels unsafe in their relationship, they can hire a family attorney to help guide them through the legal process to help keep them and their children safe.

  • Child Adoption

A family attorney is there to help make sure the adoption process runs smoothly and lawfully.

  • Filing Important Documents

Family Attorneys can be helpful when you need to assign Power of Attorney to someone that permits them to act on behalf of yourself when you no longer can if you are sick or elderly.

  • Write Estate Plans and Wills

An attorney helps to draft out a will or estate plan in the event of your death. After your death, the attorney ensures the smooth property transition and makes sure the will is followed. They can also assist in the event of conflicts over the will.

Why You Should Hire a Family Attorney

When a family issue arises where you might need a family attorney, it is a personal emotional experience that may be difficult to navigate. The stress and anxiety of the upcoming court battles alone are enough to make you feel defeated without even thinking of the complicated and complexities of attending court and dealing with court paperwork. Hiring a family attorney provides many benefits and is always in your best interest with family law matters.

Legal Protection

Every state is unique in the rules, paperwork required, and laws surrounding divorce, custody, and spousal or child support, and it can be a daunting task to go through all the information. Your lawyer is aware of all the current laws and is experienced in managing each unique situation. Your lawyer can help represent you in a way that will help the judge see your side by drawing from their knowledge and experience. 

Many documents need to be completed in any court proceedings, and if you do not have any experience, you may become overwhelmed. You want to ensure you are filling out all the necessary paperwork. You can avoid major errors resulting in the case being thrown out or the judge delaying or postponing your court date. This is where an attorney is particularly helpful.

Child Custody Disputes

The most stressful part of a divorce is the conflict between two parents fighting over the sole custody of their children. Courts consider each parent's mental capabilities and living conditions, and each parent presents evidence to try and gain sole custody of their children. With a family attorney, you can be sure that only relevant and helpful information is presented to the judge to best state your case and give you the best fighting chance to gain full custody of the kids.

Dealing with any matter of family law issue can be highly stressful and cause a lot of emotions. Having a family attorney on your side can help take some of the weight off your shoulders to know you have a professional to help you that understands how everything works and is an advocate for you. 

If your ex skips out on paying their alimony or child support that a judge issued an obligation to pay, your attorney can help you resolve the issue with less conflict and help you get the money you are owed. Your family attorney can help you apply and work through paperwork to lessen the financial burden if you are the obligated person. 

How to Choose a Family Attorney

There are many family attorneys out there, and you want to find one with an excellent reputation and is a perfect fit for you and your needs and stays within your budget. To find a reasonable family attorney, you can start by asking around to your friends and family to see if they have any recommendations. Many people have already been through family law issues and may have a small list of recommended people.

You can also contact your state's bar association by visiting the American Bar Association's website. The website has many helpful resources as well to help you navigate information regarding legal battles. 

Do diligent research and look online for local family lawyers near you. Check reviews and call to see if they offer free consultations. Ask about their pricing schedules and write down a list to help you make the best decision for you and your unique case. Find one that might specialize in your situation. 

Pro Bono Family Attorneys

Family law issues are stressful enough without thinking about the price and worrying about how you might have to pay for them. There are many lawyers out there that can help you if you cannot afford a lawyer to be your advocate. Legal Aid is a great resource that provides you with a wealth of information and a resource to help you find a lawyer that will work for you pro bono.