Gift Basket Ideas

Are you looking for a great gift that will please even the pickiest recipients?

Learn all about gift baskets and how they make an excellent option for every type of person and occasion.  You often want to send someone a token of appreciation or show that you remembered a special event in their life. Whether you are looking for a gift for a good friend, co-worker, employee, or neighbor, a gift basket always makes a good choice. So many different options of these baskets exist on the market today that you are sure to find one that suits the recipient's tastes. Whether they love food or wine or flowers, or you do not know much about their likes, there is a unique gift basket that you can send that meets various budgets. 

If you are looking for a gift to send for a special event that is coming up soon, continue reading. Find everything you need to know about selecting and purchasing the right gift basket for your occasion and recipient. 

What Is Considered a Gift Basket? 

Today's gift baskets are so much more than what was once a standard collection of fruit or wine. Although they still contain a group of items tied together somehow by a specific theme, there are so many options for the themes you can choose. In fact, you can find a basket for practically any interest or taste and even some baskets that no one has seen before. You will also notice that gift baskets do not even have to come in an actual traditional "basket" anymore. You can now find them in unique containers such as tote bags, crates, picnic baskets, hampers, or even coolers.      

Sometimes you can choose a gift basket option that your recipient will receive more than once. Known as subscription boxes, these types of gifts have grown popular in recent years. Examples include fruit or cheese of the month clubs, floral clubs, or subscription boxes for a hobby or passion (like a beauty box, clothing box, or a crafting box). 

Popular Types of Gift Baskets

Baskets that contain gourmet food or wine are always at the top of the list of gift baskets to send. In recent years, popular foods for baskets have branched out beyond fruit and charcuterie items to include muffins, cookies, pasta, and soups. You will also find that baskets containing self-care products (like a spa day basket), gourmet coffee and tea baskets, and baskets that center around a specific activity (like home brewing or gardening), make highly desirable options as well. Additionally, subscription boxes (or gifts that keep giving) make ideal options for children or to mark special occasions. 

As you shop for gift baskets, you will notice that you can find options in almost every category that you can think of and that fit every budget, big, small, or luxurious. 

What Occasions Should You Gift a Basket For? 

Gift baskets make a suitable gift for almost every occasion, including birthdays, holidays, funerals, and everything in-between. For celebratory events, you will find endless options to spread joy and put a smile on a person's face. Many people find that gift baskets make an exceptionally suitable gift during holidays when giving a corporate gift. They also work exceptionally well when celebrating a promotion or a retirement or as a token of appreciation for a job well done. 

Even if you do not know a lot about the person to whom you are gifting the basket, the chances are that the selection you choose will have something they can enjoy or appreciate. In difficult times like losing a family member, or an extended illness, people will often grow overwhelmed by the number of floral arrangements and sympathy cards received. Gifting a basket can be an alternate way to show your sympathy or support and provide something both thoughtful and valuable to the person who is grieving or experiencing illness. 

Popular Companies for Gift Baskets 

Once you start looking, you will find gift baskets practically everywhere. Amazon, many big box stores, and even local stores and boutiques offer gift basket options that are either pre-designed or customizable. However, a few notable companies have stood the test of time as the "go-to" place to purchase an exceptional gift basket with quality items. If you are looking for a place to purchase a basket for any occasion, consider these companies. 

  • Harry and David — offers a variety of gift baskets that primarily center around food and wine but even offers some options for pets as well. Baskets range in price from $30 up to $250. 

  • Edible Arrangements — known for their unique fruit and chocolate basket arrangements, this company offers options that range in price from $30 all the way up to an extravagant $2000 option.   

  • Wine Country Gift Baskets — as the name suggests, this company focuses on wine-centered gift baskets, but they also have a good variety of baskets with other gourmet foods and snacks. You will find options here from about $35 to $550. 

  • — on this site, you will find options for almost any kind of food, dessert, or snack and a great variety of spa-themed baskets. You can find baskets from $20 to $250. 

  • Wolferman’s Bakery — one of the most popular options for a breakfast food gift basket, Wolferman's Bakery offers baskets with English Muffins, Scones, Breakfast Breads, gourmet jams, and jellies. Prices range from $35 to $150. 

  • Omaha Steaks — is always a good option for corporate gift-giving. Omaha Steaks provides various options of gift boxes that contain meats and gourmet sides. The prices of these boxes range from $100 to $200.  

If you are specifically looking for a unique or highly-customizable gift basket, taking a look at or Olive & Cocoa provides some fun and distinctive options that you will not find anywhere else. Before completing your purchase, be sure to read some customer reviews to get a feel for the expectations concerning size, items included, and the overall quality and presentation of the products.