Healthiest Meal Subscription Services

If you are on a budget trying to save money on groceries or have a busy lifestyle and want to save time on shopping and meal prepping, meal kit services can be a great option for you.

 Read more here to find out about the best meal kit brands today. Whether you live alone or have a family to feed, grocery shopping, food prepping, and cooking three meals a day can be difficult to maintain. The good news is, there is a new service called meal kits which are prepared meals or portioned cooking ingredients delivered right to your door. Meal kits deliver ingredients and cooking instructions for simple, easy meal preparation with a week’s supply of meals. Some meal kits have breakfast add-on options, and most come with meals for lunch and dinner. Most meal kits have an app that you can download to your smartphone where you can customize your weekly meal delivery with portions for your whole family and recipes that suit your taste. Read more to find out more about the best meal kit options for you. 

Types of Meal Subscriptions 

If you are considering ordering meal kits for your family or your household, there are many options to choose from. Some meal subscription services have fully prepared meals that you just need to stick in the microwave or oven to prepare, some meal kits have a 15 minute partially prepared meal kit option, and some offer 30 minute or more prep time meal kit options that provide all the necessary ingredients to cook a gourmet level meal in your own home. Here are some of the best brands of meal subscription services and their specs for you to consider. 

  • HelloFresh: Hello Fresh offers weekly deliveries of up to 6 meals per week that cook enough for either 2 or 4 people. They offer a variety of internationally inspired cuisines, and their ingredients are of a high quality. You can choose from vegetarian or plant-based options or have all your meals include meat-based protein. HelloFresh offers many discount codes, and up to 16 weeks of free and discounted meals. They also offer thirty plus recipes to choose from each week. The least expensive option of two meals for two people per week costs about 57 dollars and the most expensive option of 6 meals for 4 people costs about 201 dollars. Overall, Hellofresh meal kit options are affordable considering they have ample portions and are easy to cook. 

  • Blue Apron: Blue Apron offers prepared meals that just need to go in the oven or microwave to be prepared and eaten immediately, or meal prep kits with ingredients to cook your own meals at home. Blue Apron is a health-conscious meal kit brand offering wellness options and meals that are “diabetes-friendly.” You can choose from a signature option that serves two which includes meat, a vegetarian 2 serving option, a health conscious “wellness” 2 serving option, or a signature option that cooks 4 servings which includes meat. Blue Apron also offers wine deliveries that are paired to suit each of your meals perfectly. You can choose from 2 to 4 servings and between 2 and 4 meals a week. At 2 meals per week the servings each cost $11.99 and the shipping costs $9.99, and the price per serving decreases the more meals you order per week down to $9.49. 

  • Green Chef: Green Chef is health conscious, offering a variety of recipe options for people with different food allergies and intolerances. Each week they have ten meal options to choose from each of three categories including keto meals, balanced living, and plant based. When choosing your plan, you can choose gluten free, vegetarian, Mediterranean diet, fast and fit, vegan, or keto diet options. Then you can choose between 3 or 4 meals per week for as little as two or as many as 6 people. Shipping costs a flat rate of $9.99 per shipment from Green Chef. With options for every different diet, Green Chef is a great option for those trying to eliminate foods from their diet or eat healthier for their body. 

  • Freshly: Freshly is another brand that offers many options for different diets and those with food allergies. Freshly offers gluten free, dairy free, and plant-based options to better serve people with food intolerances. They also offer “calorie conscious” and “carb smart” options to serve people who are watching their food intake. With Freshly, you can choose from anywhere between 4 and 12 meals per week but each meal feeds about one person with leftovers. Freshly meals are fully prepared meals that you just need to heat up in the microwave or oven. Freshly does not require preparation, making it an excellent choice for people with low energy. The cost per-meal starts at $8.99 when you order the most meals per week, and Freshly’s website says there is a small shipping fee associated with each shipment.

  • Every Plate Every Plate is a meal subscription service designed to be affordable to help those who work many hours and still have a family to feed save time and money on daily meals. They offer a start-up special where every meal in your first order costs only $1.79 per meal. They offer a variety of means from different internationally inspired cuisines. You can choose from the classic plate plan option which includes meat, veggie plate plan option for vegetarian meals, family plate plan option for feeding a larger group, or fast plate options for meals that provide a quicker prep time. You can choose meals that feed either 2 or 4 people and between 3 and 5 meals per-week. If you choose meals that feed 2 people each serving costs between $5.89 and $5.29 and if you choose meals that feed 4 each serving costs just $4.99. Every Plate is a great option if you are looking to order quality meals on a budget.