Mobile Battery Service

A mobile battery service helps get your vehicle running fast. Learn important information about mobile battery services available near you.

A dead car battery leaves you stranded at home or on the road. Certain vehicle repairs are priorities to fix right away, and a dead battery certainly qualifies. While your battery often provides warning signs before it fails, sometimes it does not. A mobile battery service helps you get your vehicle running as fast as possible by sending mechanics directly to your location. To take full advantage of this type of service you need to have certain information prepared about your vehicle. Continue reading to learn important information about the best mobile battery services available near you.


How Your Car Battery Functions

A battery is a device which converts chemical energy into usable electricity. The chemical energy is stored in the battery’s cells, where it is converted to electricity upon command. The command is often initiated by a power-on switch or button. The primary use of a battery is to allow another device, which requires power to operate, to function away from a standard, stationary (immobile) source of power.

The battery in your electric toothbrush or television remote control serves one primary function. The battery in your vehicle serves five primary functions, however. The first function is to store power for your vehicle. A car battery serves as a power-reserve for your vehicle, which is used to start the motor and always maintain a usable charge. The second function of your car battery is to start the car’s engine using the power it has stored. Components and chemicals in the battery react to generate a chemical reaction, which results in electricity (electrons). This process of electrons exiting the battery is responsible for starting the engine. 

The third function of a car battery is to deliver electricity to the vehicle’s ignition system. Ignition systems start either by key or button. When the key is turned or button depressed, a signal is sent to the battery. This signal commands the battery to begin the chemical reaction and release of electrodes as described above. Essentially, this process emits a brief strong burst of power, which creates high enough voltage to:

  • Crank the vehicle starter.

  • Reach the spark plugs (via the distributor).

  • Ignite the fuel in the vehicle combustion chambers. 

Your vehicle battery’s fourth function is to work in cooperative fashion with the vehicle alternator. The alternator literally alternates the current and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and power. The alternator functions as a generator and the battery creates the burst of initial energy required to start the engine. The alternator also keeps the battery charged and electronics in your vehicle functioning. When your alternator fails, it is common for your battery to fail as well.

Finally, the fifth important function of your car battery is to regulate the voltage sent to your electronics and applicable systems. When your battery starts to fail it either sends too much or not enough power to applicable systems. Some vehicles even rely on electronic systems to run. Either way, a dead battery leaves your car in a non-operable state. This is when you need to call a mobile battery service for help.

Car Battery Replacement Options

Multiple options for replacing your car battery are available. The type of service you need depends a lot on the situation you are in. Both DIY and mobile car battery replacement options involve you knowing specific information about your vehicle.

Replacing Your Car Battery? Here’s What You Need to Know

You need to know the exact make, model, and model year of your vehicle. You also need to know your battery’s group size. The group size is a number located on the top or side of the battery case. Group size numbers are typically two-digit numbers, sometimes followed by a letter. Common examples of group size numbers found on the sides of vehicle batteries include 70, 74-75 and 78. Common examples of group size numbers found on the tops of vehicle batteries include 41-42, 24-24F, 58R, 21 and 65. A top-side 65 group size number is associated with Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury automobiles. A 75 side-post group size number is associated with GM, Chrysler, and Dodge vehicles. Additional group size numbers and automobiles they represent include:

  • 24-24F top-side (Lexus, Honda, Infiniti, Toyota, Acura, Nissan).

  • 34/78 dual terminal (GM, Dodge, Chrysler).

  • 35 top-side (Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota).

Group sizes are also locatable inside your vehicle owner’s manual, or online via a free and convenient search portal. Please note: You might also need to know your vehicle’s engine size and battery’s minimum Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)to ensure you are purchasing the right battery for your vehicle.

Auto Parts Stores and Vehicle Service Garages

Some auto parts stores install your battery for you at an additional charge. Others do not, but additional options are available. It is possible to install your battery yourself if you have the knowledge and experience to tackle the project safely and correctly. Local garages also install batteries, as do nationwide vehicle maintenance and repair chains such as:

Mobile Car Battery Installation vs. Delivery & Installation

Mobile car battery services are designed to get your car running fast. Two primary types of services are offered. When you order a delivery-only mobile car battery service, the company will deliver the requested battery to your location. Delivery is commonly made to wherever you are, be it work, school, home or on the side of a roadway. Delivery-only mobile battery services do not include installation, however. If you need your car battery both delivered and installed you need to hire the proper type of service.

Mobile Delivery and Installation

A professional mechanic arrives on-site with your new battery. The old battery is removed and the new battery installed. First, however, the mechanic will test your old battery to make certain it needs to be replaced. If it does, he or she will replace it. If it is fixable, he or she will fix it. Sometimes a dead battery is still functional and the cause of the outage is from some other source.

Mobile Car Battery FAQs

Q1: How much does hiring a mobile car battery service cost?

A1:  Prices vary per provider but range from approximately $45 to $250 or more. Prices also vary based on the battery you purchase, additional delivery/install surcharges and other factors.

Q2: How long do these services take?

A2: Some services are available immediately, while others might take one or more hours to reach you. Traffic, parts availability, and other customers in line ahead of you affect service arrival times.

Q3: Are there ways to save on these services?

A3: Yes. You can become a member to automobile clubs or open credit card accounts with roadside assistance plans. You might also add roadside assistance to your automobile insurance policy or auto warranty for an extra charge.

Q4: What are the best nationwide mobile car battery services available?

A4: AAA, Wrench, AutoZone and JustJump USA offer excellent mobile car battery services today.