Private Security Company in the US

Multiple types of private security firms exist. Read a helpful guide on private security companies in the U.S. and how to hire the right firm today.

If you own valuable residential real estate, a business or events facility you likely have a need for private security services. Private security eliminates waiting through uncertain response times by law enforcement during emergencies. These services also help protect the people, places, and things closest to you. Multiple types of private security services are available from bodyguards, surveillance, event security and more. Read ahead for a helpful guide on private security companies in the U.S. and how to hire the right one for your needs today.


Private Security Companies in America

Private security companies provide top-notch protection services for the people, places, and things you value the most. Private security firms also offer protection from liability when you host large public or private events. Certain types of businesses rely on private security to ensure clients are safe during various event types. Safety also translates to smooth-running events. Other security firms are hired for one-off situations such as travel protection or the transportation of high-profile individuals between locations.

Essentially, a private security firm prevents various crimes from occurring or mitigates the damages when they do. Some services train general candidates, while other firms require company security officers to have law enforcement or military experience and college degrees. Security firms are located around the country, with larger companies operating approximately four branches per state. The private security industry annually generates almost $16 billion in the U.S. alone. This provides some insight into the popularity, effectiveness, and necessity of private security with clients today. 

The Security Services You Need

What type of security service do you need? The answer to this question depends largely on your type of business or if your needs are personal or residential. Bodyguards are available to protect you, a loved one or an employee in transit through dangerous territories. Surveillance is provided in video or audio forms but also in-person. Event security helps protect guests and staff from multiple sources of risks and threats. Additional types of services provided by the best security forms available today include:

  • Cyber-security risk assessment and prevention.

  • Private residence and corporate building patrols.

  • Security guards.

  • Construction site security.

  • Consultations and system-wide risks assessments.

  • Mobile and bicycle patrol.

  • Theft prevention (ununiformed officers, etc.).

  • Military-grade encryption and physical protective services.

Top 10 Private Security Services

The best private security companies are based in various countries around the world. Many of those firms are located right here in the U.S., however, with services ranging from home alarm systems through to full-service protective personnel services. Continue reading below for a brief overview of the Top-10 American private security services in operation today.

Allied Universal

Allied Universal was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1957. With over a half-century of experience it is no wonder this security firm is considered one of the best available in the U.S. and worldwide alike. Allied Universal is comprised of Universal Services of America and AlliedBarton, which merged in 2016. The company has 55,000+ employees and provides related staffing and janitorial applications in addition to top-tier security services.


ADT has the biggest brand-name recognition in the U.S. today. The company was founded in 1874 and consistently receives top performance and customer popularity ratings. One reason attributed to ADT’s popularity and solid reputation is its ambitious pioneering of top technology-based solutions for residential through business security needs. ADT is currently based out of Boca Raton, Florida and maintains more than (approximately) six million clients worldwide.

Spear Security

Spear Security is a Los Angeles, California-based security firm focused on providing peace-of-mind to its clients. The company was founded over twenty-five years ago and provides top-quality security services, security management services, business security management and property protection. Spear Security management consists of former military and law enforcement managers, capable of handling most conceivable types of security needs.


Brinks is best known for its armored truck security services, which the company has provided for over one hundred fifty years. Employees are required to have a minimum one-year of protective services, military or armed guard experience. Brinks also prioritizes the employment of U.S. military veterans by partnering with Veterans Job Mission, Joining Forces and Recruit Military.

Pinkerton Government Services

Pinkerton Government Services was founded almost two centuries ago by renown detective (and spy) Allan Pinkerton. This Chicago-founded company provides a significantly wide range of security and protective services such as emergency medical technicians, firefighters, sniffer dogs and guards. The Pinkerton Crime Index also utilizes advanced technology to generate innovative crime reporting statistics.

Securitas USA

The massive Securitas protective services conglomerate has branches in more than two hundred cities across the U.S. alone. Locations also exist in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Sweden and many more countries. The sheer number of Securitas USA branches make it fast and convenient to acquire the protective and security services you need. Securitas USA utilizes its Six Pillars of Protective Services strategy, which includes corporate risk management, fire and safety, electronic security, mobile/remote guarding, and on-site services.

Group 4 Securicor (G4S)

Group 4 Securicor (G4S) security offices are comprehensively vetted and trained to company standards based on individual qualifications, talents, and skill sets. Armed and unarmed services are available and candidate acceptance protocols are strict. Officers are expected to have a Discipline Service associate degree or above when applying, along with a military or law enforcement background or both.

National Security and Protection Services

National Security and Protection Services hire officers with military or law enforcement backgrounds as well as a minimum of twelve completed college hours. This Texas-based company is available in Texas and Louisiana and provides top investigative and security services. The firm has over twenty-five years of experience and strives to provide top-quality services at affordable price-points.

American Hawk Security

American Hawk Security (AHS) is based out of Colorado. The company has been operating for over fifteen years and provides security guard services at approximately half the cost of many other U.S. firms. AHS prioritizes the employment of former law enforcement offices and U.S.  military veterans and trains its officers to provide the best quality customer service and protection possible.

Epic Security Group

The Epic Security Group is based in New York City. The company provides guard, investigative and armed courier services, which expand out of the city into New Jersey. Epic claims to have the most experienced security management team in the industry today. Its courier services include full insurance coverage, fidelity bonded guards, payroll services, bank deposits and more. Pricing is set at affordable rates so high-quality security services are within reach for a wide variety of clients.