Connect With Property Maintenance Services Near You

Property maintenance services take care of your property so you can rent it to tenants. Learn more about hiring a property maintenance service.

There are many responsibilities with owning property, especially if you want to rent it out. Renting property is an excellent source of income, but as a landlord, you must take care of common issues that arise with your property. This includes landscaping and both seasonal or one-off repairs. You are also responsible for collecting rent from your tenants, which becomes difficult if you do not live anywhere near your property. While some landlords do not mind handling these tasks themselves, many do not have the time or live nowhere near their rented property. Instead, these landlords hire a property maintenance company.

A property maintenance company handles all of the day-to-day issues associated with owning property. Smaller companies typically offer monthly services, showing up at select times to perform routine repairs and cleaning. Other services offer more responsive support, showing up multiple times throughout the month or being on hand to address any tenant complaints in real time. Most companies divide their services into three maintenance categories.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is sometimes called planned maintenance. Regular maintenance covers all of the frequent property issues, such as interior and exterior cleaning. In addition to basic services, pre-planned preventative maintenance is also included for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The goal of regular maintenance is to make sure your property is kept up and running, which is especially helpful if you are going to be away from your home and want to keep it looking good so it can still be listed for rent.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance covers basic, lower-priority repairs on a property. The exact list of what gets covered may vary slightly depending on the service. In most cases, if residents are not inconvenienced or put at risk because of the issue, it is covered under corrective maintenance. How long it takes to fix also varies depending on the service. The majority of companies leave a week window to make the repair, but it is typically corrected within the span of a few days.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance provides the most extensive coverage for your property. Emergency maintenance covers any sort of issue that poses an immediate risk to your tenants. Some examples include electrical systems breaking down or the roof breaking after a storm. Because emergency maintenance often requires specialized contractors, the company does not send employees to directly solve the issue. Instead, they contact the relevant parties on your behalf and arrange for repairs as quickly as possible. They can also coordinate with your tenants, ensuring they are taken care of and have a place to stay while repairs are being made.

Benefits of Property Maintenance

There are many benefits associated with property maintenance services. The biggest benefit is convenience. Even if you live near your property, it is time consuming to take care of your current home and your other property. If you own multiple properties or a larger area, it becomes even more time consuming. If you live out of state, a property maintenance service is practically required so you can rent your property.

By keeping your property maintained, you not only make it easier to attract tenants, but you also make the property more valuable. Tenants are also more likely to stay if they know a property is being maintained. Property maintenance services often save you money in the long run, since they prevent the property from becoming damaged or unusable. This saves you from having to make major repairs, which ultimately cost much more than the costs of a maintenance service.

Costs of Property Maintenance Services

The majority of property maintenance services charge based on a percentage of what you make in rent. Depending on the level of coverage, you are charged around 8 to 12 percent. If your property is not currently for rent or has no tenants, you are instead charged a fixed rate. Many services only work with clients who intend to rent their properties. Other services provide fixed rates based on the types of service you want. These businesses typically charge around $200 to $400 as an initial fee to get your property set up, then around $100 to $150 each month for regular maintenance. 


Greystar is one of the top-rated property management services. While they primarily partner with larger apartment complexes, they also work on smaller residential properties. Each Greystar agent is trained to think like an owner, ensuring they are invested in your property and not treating it as another job. They are available in most states, but as of writing there are no offices in Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and South Dakota.

BH Management

BH Management primary works with residential properties. In addition to standard maintenance services, they will also help owners make upgrades to their property to attract more tenants. They also offer additional services for owners who are more interested in owning property for investment purposes. The company provides customized services based on the needs of each client. The company also advertises apartments and other property for rent, making it easier for you to find tenants.

Winn Companies

Winn is one of the smaller property maintenance services, but it is dedicated to providing quality care for all their clients. Winn prides itself on having a community focus. It also works with owners to make their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Winn is also upfront with costs, providing frequent reports and updates so you know exactly what you are paying for, without any hidden fees or extra costs added to your bill.