Personalized Reading Tutoring Options

Learn about the importance of teaching your children to read. Find out how you can get personalized reading tutors for children of all ages.

One of the most important skills for children to develop is the ability to read. Learning how to read helps your child develop their vocabulary and get a greater understanding of the world. The more your child reads, the greater their ability to convey their thoughts and feelings. By experiencing stories, your child learns how to emphasize with other characters and imagine situations from a unique viewpoint. This also helps develop critical thinking skills, as your child must use their imagination to visualize what is going on in the story. It also encourages creative thinking.

In addition to all the numerous benefits, reading is an essential skill. Throughout all school years, your child is tested on their ability to read. This not only includes understanding vocabulary, but also expressing what the story is trying to say. Many children struggle with both elements of reading. If your child is having a difficult time learning how to read, you can get help from a reading tutor.


Many tutor sites are designed with younger students in mind, but TutorMe caters to all ages. For older students, reading tutors focus primarily on comprehension. The tutors use base their lessons around the type of questions students must answer for the SAT and ACT. There are even tutors available for college level tests as well, including the LSAT, GRE and MCAT. The website includes screen sharing options while chatting with a tutor, which makes it easier to highlight text during explanations. 

The website has some of the strictest requirements for tutors, choosing applicants who graduated from an accredited teaching university. There are also multiple pricing options. If you only need occasional tutoring, you can pay the base price of $1 per minute, or you can subscribe for a monthly plan, which gives you multiple hours. The least expensive subscription starts at $69 and provides two hours, while the most expensive is $209 for eight hours.


Skooli is a generalized online tutoring program. Skooli stands out among tutoring programs because of their strict hiring requirements. At a minimum, all applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in whatever subject they want to tutor, even for the lower grade levels. All of the tutor’s credentials are available on their teaching profile, which you can view before starting a session. The website prioritizes listing tutors who are open for sessions. While some parents prefer to use the same tutor for each session, it is common for parents to pick different tutors as needed.

Depending on how often you use it, Skooli may be an expensive option. Each session charges $1 per minute, with a minimum time of 15 minutes each session. It is a good service if your child is struggling with specific issues, but if you need more generalized help, it may be less expensive to use another service.

Revolution Prep

Many online tutoring programs hire experts in their chosen subject, but not all applicants have a background in tutoring. Many of these experts also tutor part time, making their availability limited. Revolution Prep is one of a handful of online tutoring sites that only hires professional, full-time tutors. In addition to one-on-one lessons, the website frequently hosts group tutoring sessions. For reading, these groups act like small book clubs, allowing students to improve their reading comprehension by working together. For many students, it is easier to speak with someone who is their age instead of an older tutor.

There are also more advanced tutoring programs, which function similar to traditional classes. Students get a personalized study plan and take practice tests in real-time. Revolution Prep is better for students with ongoing reading issues. You cannot book single sessions and must instead sign up for a study course. The shortest option is a 12-hour program, which costs $499 as of writing. is owned and operated by the Princeton Review. In addition to tutoring, the website also features a number of pre-made lessons to help students with reading comprehension and general reading skills. These are a good option for students who are falling a little behind and need some practice without having to hire a more expensive tutor. 

The website focuses on personalized, one-on-one tutoring. The site uses a subscription model, which allows students to book sessions with the same tutor instead of picking whoever is available whenever they login. The subscription model either includes a set number of hours, or offers a flux payment plan where you pay for a set number of hours each month, based on what your child needs. Each hour costs around $40, with 10-hour packages priced at $340.

Club Z Tutoring

Club Z offers both in-person an online tutoring, with over 400 branches throughout the United States. Club Z is specifically for students with ADHD or similar learning conditions. All of the lessons address the unique learning needs of these students. Club Z charges $39 per hour, whether you sign up for online or in-person classes.