IT Staffing Agencies

Guide on Connecting Candidates You With The Right IT Technology and Agency

Job growth rate in the various fields is increasing. Read this detailed guide on connecting candidates to you with the right IT technology and agency today.

Technology involved in modern hiring processes has rapidly advanced in recent years. Advancing technological programs are perfectly suited for companies looking to find the best employee candidates fast. Job growth rate in the U.S. is once again expanding due to recent surges in the implementation of Telehealth, virtual learning and virtual video conferencing sessions needed during COVID-19 lockdowns. COVID-19 restrictions are also slowly lifting and job positions are opening back up. An expanding job growth rate translates to an increased amount of applications to review. Connecting employee candidates to you with the right IT technology and staffing agency helps save you time and money.

What is the role of IT staffing agencies? What are the benefits for job candidates and for your company? Are there popular top staffing companies you should consider first? Read ahead for a detailed guide on connecting candidates to you with the right IT technology and staffing agency today.                      

Role of IT Staffing Agencies

The modern hiring process utilizes advanced technology to expedite candidate application submissions. Jobs are once again growing quickly due to needs for additional Telehealth, virtual learning and virtual video conferencing sessions to take the place of in-person interactions. What is the role of IT staffing agencies for both candidates and employees?

An IT staffing agency helps connect the best employee candidates to you. The right IT technology and staffing agency streamlines the hiring process, weeding out unqualified candidates prior to applications reaching your inbox. IT staffing agencies are contracted by businesses such as yours. Contracts include clauses requiring the staffing agency to fill positions inside your company prior to sending out applications to competitors. Staffing agencies are compensated by receiving a percentage of each hired employee’s wages or by alternately negotiated fees.                            

Benefits for Candidates

While an IT staffing company offers obvious benefits to employers, they also offer many benefits to candidates. An employer is not the only involved party looking to be matched up with the right outcome. Submitting your application to an IT staffing agency helps get your information to companies with job openings best suited for you as well. Employers look for particular skills and education levels in candidates. Applying to a job posting requiring a skill set or college degree you do not possess wastes the time of everyone involved. 

What other benefits do IT staffing agencies offer to job candidates? You have specific salary expectations. You are looking for a job in a particular city. You expect to be eligible for promotions and advancement inside the company within a certain number of years. An IT staffing agency filters out companies unable to match your requirements and needs.

Benefits for Employers

Benefits IT staffing agencies offer to contracted employers are sometimes invaluable for your company. Sifting through an inbox saturated with applications requires countless hours for which you have to pay a recruiter/human resources employee. Paying your employees is not an issue of course, but making the most of their skills, time and talents is simply a good business practice for your bottom line. Using one of the top popular IT staffing agencies available in 2021 saves your staffing-related employees time, which saves you money in the end.

Other benefits from using an IT staffing agency also exist for employers. Because candidate applications are pre-filtered before getting to you, the applications you receive are from prospects guaranteed to have skills you are looking for. Another added benefit involves knowing the candidates submitting applications through a staffing agency are motivated and determined to get the job. Finally, candidates applying through staffing agencies are looking for salaries, hours, job descriptions and responsibilities your company requires. This eliminates the need to spend time discussing superfluous or moot topics during candidate interviews.

How Staffing Companies Make Money

How do IT staffing companies make money? IT staffing companies charge fees for their services. Several methods of compensation are used either separately or in combination. The first way staffing companies make money is by marking up the hourly rate of temporary employees they send to you. You might pay $20/hour for a job position but the employee working through the staffing company only makes $15/hour. The staffing company makes the other $5 per hour. Flat fees are also charged to contracted employers for the screening, skill testing and recruiting processes a staffing agency performs. Theses types of compensation methods are referred to as Direct Placement Employee and Flat Fee Staffing fees.

Popular Staffing Companies

Many popular high-quality staffing companies are in business today. Some place candidates in a wide variety of career fields. Others specialize in placing for specific types of jobs. Some of the most popular staffing companies today include:

Top Skills Companies Are Looking For

Companies are looking for particular skills in employee candidates sent to them through staffing agencies. Your skills and education as an employee must match the qualification requirements of the job you are pursuing. Having a bachelor’s degree and applying for a job where a master’s degree is required is not a good match. Communication skills are key elements to getting hired today. Are you able to communicate clearly, effective and with confidence? A strong ability to work with others is another top skill companies look for in candidates. Are you open minded with extensive interpersonal skills? Your work ethic is also crucial. Do you have leadership, learning, organizational, self-management and problem-solving skills? All these skills and more help get you hired faster for the job you are pursuing today.