Best Streaming Devices of 2022

There are more and more companies coming out with streaming platforms full of shows and movies. It is important to have streaming devices for your TV in order to watch these programs, however. Some individuals even utilize a streaming player with a web browser. Continue reading below for the best streaming devices this year.

1. Roku

Roku is one of the most popular smart streaming devices out today. The price of Roku starts at just $29.99 for the most basic set-up. Roku has great features as well, such as voice control, mobile application capabilities, and private listening capabilities for your enjoyment.

Roku is also able to access many subscription services. It develops a feed based on what you watch as well, to give you information about new episodes or release dates. Roku is easy to set up by simply powering it up, connecting it to the internet, and creating an account. 

2. Apple TV

Apple TV is also a very popular option in the realm of smart streaming devices. The basic version's price is $179, and it goes up to $199 in price. Apple TV offers great features including 4K HDR viewing and Dolby Atmos sound on some models.

If you're looking for a great streaming movie player, Apple TV is able to get content from many streaming service subscriptions. It also offers voice control through Siri.

Apple TV is extremely user friendly for anyone utilizing the device, as you can actually use your Apple mobile device to set it up easily. If you do not own an Apple mobile device, it can be set up be creating an account and inputting that data into the program.

3. Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is owned by Amazon and has great capabilities as well. The device is not as popular as the prior two, but it holds its own. The price for this device is $39.99.

The Fire Stick has many features including parental controls and HD viewing. There are voice command and search capabilities as well, just like with the other two devices. Amazon Prime content is at the heart of the services offered, but you can access many subscription service providers too.

The Fire Stick is extremely easy to set up as it is pre-registered. It only requires an Amazon membership and a TV connection. So it'll be minutes before you get to enjoy this best internet box and all it offers.

4. Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield smart streaming device is the newest one on the list as it just came out in fall 2019. The price of this device ranges from $140 to $210. It has many features and capabilities including Dolby Vision and Atmos.

The Nvidia Shield is created by Android. It has voice command capabilities through Google Assistant. The device also has the capability to work with gamers in the more advanced models. It is extremely easy to set up and just requires you to hook it up to the TV for viewing.