Best Trade Schools in US

Trade schools help you enter your chosen career field fast. Read ahead for a thorough guide to the best trade schools in the U.S. today.

Are you interested in advanced education but want to enter the workforce faster than a four-year college degree program will allow? The best trade schools in the U.S. today do not require general education classes but still issue certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees (where applicable). Certain career fields are suited well for trade school graduates and the path to success begins with choosing the best school for your goals and needs. Read ahead for a thorough guide to the best trade schools in the U.S. today.

Discussing the Important of Trade Schools

The school you attend needs to align with your specific career goals and vocational path. One benefit provided by trade schools in general is the sheer volume of choices available across the country today. One drawback to attending traditional colleges is the potential length of time it takes to complete most degree programs. Accelerated programs and scheduling are both available in traditional colleges, but general education classes are still required. Trade schools offer programs related directly to your chosen vocation, which allows you to get the education you need and start a new job fast.

Graduation Statistics

Students who graduate from bachelor's degree programs earn more income over the course of their lives than people who do not graduate from college. Forty percent of students who enroll in these four-year programs take up to six years to graduate, however - if they graduate at all. In fact, the dropout rate from bachelor’s degree programs is escalating at a rapid pace comparable to the speed at which student debt is also increasing. Economic downturns cause the job market to shrink. Faster graduation times help trade school graduates receive more hiring opportunities. This is because their potential competitors are still in process of completing four-year degree programs, while trade school graduates are applying for real-world jobs.

Tuition and Financial Considerations

Because trade schools offer streamlined education programs, tuition for these programs tends to be more affordable than tuition at traditional colleges. Programs take less time to complete, which also means you start earning a professional income faster. After graduating from a trade school and entering the workforce you are still able to attend other college degree programs. This allows you to earn an income doing what you love now, while simultaneously furthering your education and career advancement opportunities.

Technical Skill Development

Employers look for hard and soft skills in prospective employers. Soft skills refer to your personality and how well you fit in with a company mindset and work environment. Soft skills are important and sometimes carry more weight with employers than hard skills. Hard skills pertain to the specific training, skills, and education you must make you the best technical match for a job position. If you are a carpenter, your hard skills have to do with specific elements of performing various carpentry tasks.

If you are a business manager, your hard skills have to do with your management experience and business knowledge. Developing strong technical skills, you and edge over competing candidates who do not have the same training you do. Developing job-specific technical skills also gives you the chance to start earning a living fast, without preventing you from receiving further education and expanding your soft skills at your own pace over time.

Finding the Best Trade Schools Near You

The trade school you attend should be an accredited institution. Accredited schools and the diplomas, certificates, and degrees they offer are taken more seriously by employers in any career field or industry. If you are going to dedicate time, money, and energy to obtaining an education it is vital to pursue one with the most job-winning potential. The U.S. Department of Education provides multiple resources for locating the best trade schools near you today. If you are still in high school or the early years of college it is also possible to consult with your appropriate guidance counselor or advisor for advice on which trade schools are best suited for your career goals. 

Additional private and government-facilitated resources for finding trade schools are available. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Information division also provides resources for locating trade schools in your area. It is also possible to search for trade schools near you by using privately facilitated websites such as:

Online Trade Schools Available Now

Trade schools are available for a wide variety of career fields. Veterinary assistant trade schools are available for students looking to enter the veterinary fields fast. Do you want to earn your living on the open road? Trade schools offering certification programs for CDL licensing are also available. Trade schools are also available for professional medical fields as well. Jobs as a phlebotomist technician and dental assistant are obtainable by trade school graduates.

Career fields available for trade school graduates are incredibly diverse. Jobs as a cosmetologist, electrician, plumber, IT consultant, avionics technician, masonry worker and welder are all obtainable by trade school graduates today. A list of some of the best online trade school programs available today include:

Trade Schools for Electricians

Attending trade school for electrician training is a popular choice for many aspiring electricians and construction contractors today. Nationwide accredited electrician schools are available with online-only, hybrid and in-person learning programs. Electrician trade schools teach students about electrical theory and mathematics along with real on-the-job applications of electrician skillsets. Safety training is also taught and emphasized as a priority. Most electrician jobs are dangerous and therefore require focus and expertise to be handled properly. Electricians are also required to engage in apprenticeships and pass the Electrical IBEW Aptitude Test before getting licensed and certified. Some of the best electrician trade schools with online learning options today include: