Window Cleaning Services To Freshen Up Your View

Hiring a cleaning service for your home is convenient and has benefits. Read a helpful guide on window cleaning services to freshen up your view today.

Hiring a cleaning service for your home is convenient and provides multiple time-saving benefits. Unfortunately, those benefits often do not include cleaning windows. Window cleaning is a specialized service most cleaning and maid companies do not provide because of equipment, time and safety measures required to do it well. Specialized skills are also required to operate any equipment and machines.

Cleaning your own windows as a DIY project is of course possible. Challenges exist regarding streaks, access and safety, however. Wiping down the inside of reachable windows in your home with Windex or another cleaning agent is different than reaching the outside of your windows or ones installed in higher locations. Many homeowners wonder if professional window cleaning is worth it. Hiring a professional window service has many benefits, however, and is worth consideration. Read ahead for a helpful guide on window cleaning services available to help freshen the view in your home today.

Intro to Window Cleaning Services

Homeowners hiring cleaning or maid services are often surprised to learn the company does not clean windows. Cleaning a home at a professional level requires organization. It also requires skills and experience to do the job properly and in a timely manner. Professional house cleaning services are already responsible for multiple tasks and jobs during one visit. Adding window cleaning to the responsibilities of their workers is not something a professional cleaning company is prone to do. The added time and risks involved are instead best left to a specialized window cleaning service. 

Specialized window cleaning services utilize modern equipment to help do the job more effectively. Some of the equipment is standard, while other gear/machines are high-technology devices. One purpose of the equipment is to purify the water used to wash your windows. Cleaners use (high-reach) water fed poles to reach windows located on the higher floors of your home. Window cleaning equipment is long and requires many tools. A separate van, truck or other larger vehicle is required to transport all the gear. Professional window cleaning also requires specific training. Most regular cleaning/maid services neither have the budget nor time to incorporate all these elements into their services.

Finally, true and proper professional window cleaning requires time and strict safety measures. Safety is crucial because window cleaning often involves abseiling, climbing and operating lifts. Some regular cleaning services offer inside window cleaning on a limited basis and for an extra charge. For effective, deep sanitization and cleaning of your windows it is worth considering a specific professional window cleaning service to do the job right.

Is Window Cleaning Worth It?

Perhaps the biggest question homeowners have about professional window cleaning involves its value as a service. People want to know if window cleaning is truly worth it for several reasons. Finances always play a part in the decisions you make about your home and this is no different for window cleaning services. Homeowners want to know if spending the extra money on professional cleaners is worth the expense. Window cleaning is often misunderstood as a luxury instead of a necessity. Many homeowners also enjoy undertaking DIY projects. The concept of needing someone else to clean their windows for them is often not even considered but certain facts and information exist to answer all applicable questions.

Why You Should Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Maintaining the efficiency of your windows is a primary reason to hire a cleaning service for the job. Cleaner windows allow in more sunlight and warmth. Cleaner windows also prevent damage to seals, which further prevents leaks/water damage. Safety, quality, convenience and protection also play a role in what hiring a professional window cleaning service is a good idea.

Safety Plays a Part

Safety is key when it comes to effective window cleaning. If you have hard to reach windows or windows in high places (2nd/3rd floors, skylights, etc.) it is important to hire a professional service to clean them. Professional licensed cleaning services have safety equipment to prevent falls and other accidents.

Quality of Work

Professional window cleaners are trained and have the skills/experience to do quality work. They also have the gear and equipment to allow them to reach windows in precarious locations. You might have a ladder but is it tall and versatile enough to reach all your windows? Once you climb it, do you have the right tools to get the job done right? Hiring a professional window cleaning service guarantees your windows are cleaned with the quality your home deserves.

Convenience is Key

Your time is valuable. Hiring a professional window cleaning service helps you put your time to use elsewhere. Spending time with family, putting in extra hours at work or going out with friends are important parts of your life. Allowing a professional service to clean your windows gets you out of doing the job yourself and out of the house doing the things you love.

Longer Life and Increased Value

Professionally cleaned windows last longer because they are free of damaging dirt and debris. Oxidation and corrosion steadily destroy the integrity of your windows. Mold, spores, fungus and mildew growth are also removed during a professional cleaning. The value of your home increases when your windows stay in great shape. Your home also stands out in the neighborhood and increases its visual appeal.                               

How Often Should Windows Be Washed?

Your windows should be professionally washed at least twice every year. Having them cleaned in the spring helps reverse and/or eliminate any buildups of grime, dirt and debris from the harsh winter months. Having your windows washed in late autumn prevents any dirt and buildup from the summer/fall getting trapped under snow and ice where it causes damage over months of time. Use online services such as Thumbtack and Angi to locate the best national window cleaning services in your area today.